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Annual Events

We have three main focal points in the year where we work together as churches. Over and above these initiatives, other ad-hoc events sometimes arise as and when there is direction and energy. These are supported by all churches but may just be 2 or 3 churches working together on a particular project.

1. Pentecost

This is a time for us to focus on prayer. We do this by getting involved in the ‘Thy Kingdom Come’ initiative - either encouraging our churches to join in with wider Nottingham events or putting on our own.

2. Celebration service

This takes place in late September / early October and is a time when all churches come together to celebrate what God has done over the last academic year as well as looking ahead to what lies ahead. A brief AGM is incorporated into the service.

3. Christmas

To supplement our own individual programmes we put on our ‘Beer & Carols’ events in local pubs. Churches or groups of churches adopt a pub and put on a night of carol singing as the big day draws near.